Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 Review (COMICS!)

It has finally arrived!!!! So, DC Comics announced a while back that they would be releasing prequel stories to the companies famed Graphic Novel: Watchmen. I even appeared on the show one day, and talked of my feelings towards it. I might have shocked Dan when I said I was excited! At first, I wasn’t […]

Green Lantern Is Gay?!?! (COMICS!)

So, As I mentioned in a previous post, DC Comics had mentioned that a major iconic character of theirs would come out of the closet. Well, that character has finally been revealed. It is…..Green Lantern! However, Its not the Green Lantern from the movie. I’m sure most will think that, but trust me when I […]

The Walking Dead is BACK!!! (COMICS!)

HOLY CRAP! THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK ON TELEVISION! AHHHHHH! Yes! The hit AMC show is back after a long and painful hiatus. Last time this happened to me was with Doctor Who series six. Both shows had mid-season finales that featured cliffhangers that almost killed me! I won’t say what those were because i […]

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