The Directors Cut Vs The Avengers


This week we cover the The Avengers! Yes, it had the highest grossing opening weekend of all time with a whopping $200,000,000. So far they have greenlit a sequel (amongst sequels for other Marvel flicks, including the “rumored” Hulk). We also had tons of votes on our top ten list which was “Top Ten Most Quotable Movies” which had more than 90 votes by you guys! So thanks! Sorry about the website not getting updated as often as we’d like. It really hurts our listenership and we know it sucks for you guys. But Dan really hasn’t had the time or availability to do it. Also, it’s really not an appealing job, so getting a volunteer is almost null and void. So if you’d like to volunteer to update the website, that would be amazing, and I know thousands of other fellow listeners would appreciate it. And if we start getting more money for the show, this could be a paying gig too. But beside that, hopefully you enjoy the show!

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