Man of Steel Movie Logo REVEALED!!! (COMICS!)

The first official logo for Superman’s latest film is finally here!

This Summer is full of amazingly awesome looking movies. You have The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Prometheus, Dark Shadows (arguably apparently), the list is endless! However, there is one movie that was planned for this year that got bumped to 2013 sadly. That film is the latest entry in the Superman film franchise: Man of Steel. The worst part is we might not get to see it! Damn Apocalypse! Anyways, we’ve seen set pictures, and an official picture of new Superman, Henry Cavill, sporting the new Superman costume. Now, we have a look at the official logo for Man of Steel! There has been some mixed reaction, common among the internet nerd culture, But if you want to hear my thoughts on the subject just click the picture above! Enjoy!

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