The Director’s Cut vs. Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides



This week on the Director’s Cut, Dan and Ollie find themselves on stranger tides, and the studio has a number of interesting visitors! Becky’s back in-studio, Chris Underwood, and Rich Shephard! You can bet that things get crazy! Plus, Ollie’s baby makes her radio debut and Ollie threatens to put a diaper on Dan’s face. They play Ollie The Idiot, talk to Sean Gandert as he gives us the rules for a great movie night, and carry on and on. Rich Shephard tells us what it’s like to be a movie featuring a group of vengeful superheros… I wonder what it could be. Finally, the guys count down the top ten movies on the open sea. It’s the Director’s Cut, the guy’s show about diapers and superheros.

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